I NOTE the council stopping the free bulk uplift service.

When citizens ask what to do with it using the internet, it’s advised by the council to place it in their garden or backcourt and be mindful not to dump it on the street.

If I was a citizen, I would write to my councillor and the chief executive of Glasgow City

Council asking them to establish the free service again before the rats have a new home to rest in and before the streets of Glasgow become the fly-tip capital of Scotland.

Name and address supplied

CAN the MPs sort out a law for cyclists, electric bikes and electric scooters to ban them from the pavements and precincts?

During lockdown they seem to think they can ride anywhere and the two-metre rule does not count for them – and the abuse you get back when telling them that...

With new cycle lanes being built, I wonder how many will use them, or will it just be a waste of taxpayers’ money?

D Lambert


HEARTBREAKING story, rest in peace little darling, condolences to the family (Wishaw schoolgirl dies aged only seven after fighting incurable brain tumour, Glasgow Times online).

Ralph Ballintyne

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THE problem is, our softly, softly approach to lockdown is a joke (Nicola Sturgeon takes swipe at drivers over Braehead Costa Coffee drive-thru queues, Glasgow Times online).

Most of the population are listening and the minority aren’t.

The restrictions should have been law, and not just guidelines – the old saying, give someone an inch and they will take a mile.

Alexander McGowan

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WITH the death of commerce thanks to Covid, who is going to need office space for heaven’s sake (Developer launches bid to replace ‘People Make Glasgow’ sign, Glasgow Times, Tuesday)

Everything will change after this total and hysterical overreaction to a virus.

We will be bankrupt after this economic suicide.

I think the guys may have to rethink their business plan.

William Boyd

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PEOPLE make Glasgow... too bad that is not a good thing.

As the saying goes you can take the people out of the slums but you cannot take the slums out of the people and many people have recreated slums.

Andrew Burns

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