A GIRL who dyed her hair with a box colour is warning others against doing the same after being faced with a massive bill to fix it.

Carly Mclean ruined her hair with a £5 box dye and is now warning others against doing the same.

The 24-year-old told The Glasgow Times:"I basically just wanted a wee change especially during lockdown.

"I’m seeing so many people do crazy funky colours, it was £5 and was such an easy application.

"It was supposed to last 10 washes, but it's still in my hair after 37 washes.

"So far I’ve used two of the best hair colour remover, a bleach bath, and bleached my full head and dyed it brown the colour isn’t moving at all.

Carly added: "I’d tell people if they really wanted it done to go to a professional but bright colours don’t leave your hair and it will be a very expensive fix.

"I’ve been quoted £240 to have my hair fixed all that through a £5 hair colour.

"My hair is frazzled and so so damaged. My hair has always been in amazing condition until now."

Zoe Dallachy, a hairdresser at Byres and Birell on Crow Road, said: "A box dye at a fiver may seem tempting at the time - it’s cheap and it’s something you can do at home, but reality is it’s never ‘wash out’ and it’s never true to colour.

"You then spend hours in a salon over multiple visits, spending hundreds of pounds desperately trying to get your hair back to a colour you want, and trying not to jeopardise the condition.

"Meanwhile the hairdresser has to make you aware that they don’t know how it will react to colour and the condition of the hair could be compromised."