I’M very worried about what’s going to happen after the weekend when the rest of the UK begins to ease lockdown, while Scotland chooses not to.

My main worry is to do with finances – if the Scottish Government wants businesses to stay closed and Westminster says “you’ve had your furlough,” there’s next to nothing we can do about it and we’ll be starved – almost literally – into submission, made to follow whatever misguided path Boris sets out.

This is devolution, in all its restricted glory – being pushed into a position where our “oh but it’s devolved!” health and social care sector will be overburdened by decisions not taken by the people who run those services.

Declan Blench


I SUGGEST that all those so desperate to escape lockdown, including Tories like Jackson Carlaw and his London bosses, who are willing to gamble with people’s lives when the death toll is still so high, should be allowed to go out but on the condition that they have to go to work in the care homes and ICU units for the duration of their time outside.

If they are that certain it’s safe for everyone else this will not be an issue for them.

Name and address supplied

THE news that the UK Government may be ditching the ‘stay at home’ restriction is very worrying.

It is surely too early for such a measure but it would be totally in line with the bumbling ineptitude shown by this Government since this crisis began.

Sooner or later this incompetent lot need to be shown the door.



DREADFUL to hear that there is a plan to remove the People Make Glasgow sign from the college building just off George Square.

These three words sum up perfectly what the city is all about – ask any of our millions of visitors!

We are the friendliest, kindest people.

I can see this sign from my window high up in Rutherglen and it makes my day to open my kitchen curtains and wake up to this especially at this time.

Dorothy Connor


WELL done that man. Nice to read a positive story for once (Glasgow high-rise concierge hailed a hero for saving four year-old boy’s life, Glasgow Times online).

Jason Galloway

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THE residents must take some responsibility for the s*** they allow to happen up their close. Challenge the scruffs who leave rubbish in the incorrect location (Bid to ‘name and shame’ negligent tenants during pandemic backed by government, Thursday).

Take some pride in where you live.

Kevin McGill

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PEOPLE and shopkeepers used to keep their property

clean and sweep the street outside.

Why can’t it happen again?

Once in Venice; I saw, A policeman running to pick up a newspaper before it blew into a canal. Ours are just as likely to watch somebody litter and let them, off with it!


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THEY act with impunity as in the unlikely scenario they were even caught there would be next to no punishment if any and therein lies the problem (Drunk teens flouting lockdown for boozy outdoor parties as beauty spot trashed, Thursday).

Shug McKenzzie

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THEY get a fine and then can’t pay it.

There’s no way they are going jail as there is no room even with those who are getting early release.

Betty McCormick

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THE police should fine the parents, then maybe they will take notice of what their kids are up to.

Richard Davis

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THE foolish sheep clap and stay at home, while Westminster and Holyrood Government health “experts” flout the lockdown they created, and get on with their frolicking habits (Letters: NHS staff deserve permanent recognition – not just a clap, Wednesday).

Can you see we are being manipulated?

Edward Martin

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THERE is clearly a bit of social engineering at work here, over and above sensible precautions.

It’s like politicians are testing exactly what the public will tolerate.

Multiple instances of health/science advisors flouting the rules shows that (i) things are not as dangerous as made out, and (ii) that they think themselves above ordinary people.

Arthur Brownlie

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