HOOLIGANS are continuing to terrorise members of the public by racing on quad bikes along the Forth and Clyde canal.

The Glasgow Times reported last month Police Scotland were cracking down on people illegally riding quad bikes in Bishopbriggs, and warned they were dealing with an increase of users.

The problem has arisen in Maryhill since the start of lockdown, with residents becoming afraid to use the paths and walkways around the Forth and Clyde Canal.

One resident of the area told The Glasgow Times: "Since lockdown, we have noticed an increase in motorised vehicles zooming up and down the canal path.

"It is very noisy and very dangerous.

"The path is used by everyone for exercise, including families.

"I've seen people having to scramble out of the way of these vehicles.

"It is quite frightening."

Councillor John Letford has since asked Scottish Canals, Safe GLasogw and Police Scotland to investigate use of these bikes in the area.

He told The Glasgow Times: "I have been contacted by a number of constituents about the increasing use of the Forth and Clyde canal path by individuals on quad bikes and other motorised bikes.

"They say they are frightened and are increasingly wary of using the canal.

Counillor Letford added:"Since the beginning of lockdown, people have been using the canal path to stretch their legs, exercise and get some fresh air.

"Many live in flats and this is the only outside space available.

I have been encouraging autistic and learning disabled, as well as our older Glaswegians, to get out once a day for the good of their mental health, whilst asking them to observe Government guidelines. No one should be on the canal in a quad or motor bike."

Councillor Letford says Police Scotland have confirmed that there are daily cycle patrols on the canal during lockdown and that their local Community Officers will monitor the canal going forward.

Police Scotland told The Glasgow Times last month: "It is illegal riding a quad without insurance and on private land without the owners consent.

"We have off-road bikes available to target these offenders at other hotspots."