WHEN I moved to Glasgow in 1976, Kelvin Way remained a distinctive part of the City Road Network – very much more part of Kelvingrove Park.

The original area was East of the Kelvin, developed as part of the Woodlands Hill development, largely masterminded by Charles Wilson, and known as the Park Area. The surveying was handled by Thomas Kyle, one of the key names for mapping in the West of Scotland prior to the completion of the Ordinance Survey

Along the southern boundary runs the Great Dumbarton Highway, (essentially Argyle Street, and then Dumbarton Road) appearing on maps and in documents.

It was not originally a complete road through the park, as the MacFarlane Fountain – relocated to Alexandra Park – sat on the line of the current road until 1910, and the current road has only been around for just over 100 years initially with restricted traffic, between the gates at each end, with the gate posts still in place, when I arrived in Glasgow in 1976. For barely 50 years this has been a regular 30mph road

I’m trying to find old pictures, but something along the lines of having a 20mph speed limit sticks in my memory. Any idea when the road was “normalised” to 30mph?

The whole has come full circle? Now, about the roads that cut through Glasgow Green...

Dave Holladay

Woodlands Terrace (1849)

THE Scottish government has given Scottish Universities a one-off funding boost of £75 million to help them cope in the wake of Covid-19.

Education secretary John Swinney (right) insisted that the UK Government should also contribute and fund Scottish universities. Since the SNP came to power they have monotonously blamed Westminster and constantly complained that Scotland was being ignored. The Scottish Parliament demanded devolution and they got it, including control of Scottish universities. Now the Scottish Parliament wants English taxpayers to bail out Scotland’s universities which will have an estimated £500 million deficit due to Covid-19.

Mr Swinney, why should English taxpayers bail out Scottish universities when your Scottish government policy gives free education, not only to those residing in Scotland, but also to EU students? Mr Swinney will not want it to be remembered that many suitably qualified students living in Scotland were denied places at a Scottish university since places were prioritised for fee-paying foreign students.

Clark Cross

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