PARTICK THISTLE have confirmed they will vote in favour of Rangers' call for an independent investigation into the SPFL.

Gerry Britton, Partick Thistle Chief Executive, said: “At a critically important time for Scottish football, the Club wants to share with you its voting intention ahead of the SPFL EGM tomorrow and briefly explain the reasoning behind our decision.

“The vote for an independent investigation isn’t a case of picking sides. Nor is it a failure to admit that an investigation is needed. It is a way for Scottish football to find a way out of the situation it has found itself in since 8th April. Unless something is done urgently to deal with the obvious breakdown in trust between parties, football in this country may never fully recover.

“That’s why we will vote “yes” to an independent investigation. To do nothing risks leaving our game fatally wounded.

“For the avoidance of doubt, this decision was taken last week before events unfolded around reconstruction.”