FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon has used the daily coronavirus briefing to praise Andy Leaman, who has told his story in today's Glasgow Times.

In the course of four weeks, Andy lost his mum, dad and father-in-law to Covid-19, leaving his nine-year-old daughter without three of her grandparents.

Ms Sturgeon described Andy's story as "heartbreaking" and said people should listen to and take heed of what he says.

In Edinburgh today, the First Minister spoke of the importance of adhering to lockdown rules.

She said: "Let me, for a moment, give one example of why this matters.

"I read this morning, in the Evening Times, the tragic story of a family from Castlemilk.

"Andy Leaman has told how his mum, dad and father-in-law have all died from the virus.

"He talks too of the impact on his nine-year-old daughter.

"Their story is heartbreaking.

"It's heartbreaking for them, but what we need to bear in mind is that it could be any of us.

"That family have told their story because they want people to listen to the advice being given at the moment.

"In today's paper they say, 'People need to realise it is real. These guidelines that are set out need to be followed.

"'It may be them next and their families and we would not want anyone to go through what we have had to go through.

"'Stay in the house, social distance. That is the only way of keeping the people you love safe.'"

"I think that is a very powerful message.

"It underlines the importance of the restrictions - and why we need to follow them."