THE news that the UK Government did not even bother to consult the Scottish Government on changes to the public message on coronavirus is once again proof that they treat Scotland with absolute contempt.

It would appear that his dalliance with the virus and time spent in hospital has done nothing to dampen his egotistical view of the world as he continues to bluster his way through the crisis.

We are fortunate to have a First Minister who stands head and shoulders above the political pygmies at Westminster.

A Martin

I HAVE real fear that more people will die because of the government’s handling of Covid-19, money shouldn’t be a factor in any decision where loss of life could be the outcome. 

If the stories and pictures from VE Day celebrations are true, our country is in big trouble after his efforts on Sunday night.

Paul Docherty
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I THINK Boris Johnson would be better joining the circus as he will get plenty more laughs the way he is going.

I am not a Nicola Sturgeon fan... but I will go with her advice before I go with Boris Johnson’s unbelievable advice.

Mary Hudson
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MIXED messages and repeating meaningless slogans. Protecting corporate interests ahead of people’s health

Boris Johnson is reckless, incompetent and not qualified to be a leader.

Steven McCallum
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AS clear as mud. While I support indy, the dual exit strategy is completely unworkable unless the border is closed.

Also there is a huge question mark about continuing furlough payments which the FM hasn’t answered.

Don Cowie
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WHY do people vote for this fool?

Boris has been caught lying over and over again! The statement in England was vague enough to allow all the selfish people to break lockdown!

Thomas Duffy
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IT’S all about money. 

They want you to see your boss before your family – unreal.

Alec Loran
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PRE-RECORDED scripted rubbish. If you need to explain what you are doing in so much detail then it’s a fail. Wrong again by him – like everything he has done in this pandemic.

Ccrol Intyre
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