IT SOUNDS like it could have been written in the last few weeks but Fever! – the musical tale of a young boy’s battle with a mysterious illness – was first performed by Scottish Opera in 2011.

Schools and families can now access teaching resources for the show on the company’s website, culminating in a nationwide virtual performance in June.

The show follows a young boy who becomes ill with a mysterious disease, and his doctors desperately try to find a cure. Members press rush to the hospital, clamouring for a big story. With the possibility of a worldwide epidemic, all they care about is the scoop. As the doctors try to calm the situation, a possible cure is discovered and injected into the boy, and the adventure begins.

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Scottish Opera’s Director of Outreach and Education, Jane Davidson said: ‘For people of all ages who think opera plot lines can’t be relevant to the present day, there isn’t a more powerful example of the benefits of using music and the other expressive arts to support cross curricular education, than Fever!

“In the context of the current pandemic, and updated and adapted for online participation, the subject matter is perfectly balanced between a fantastical musical story that youngsters can enjoy interacting with, underpinned by an age appropriate message explaining the principles of virology.”