WHAT is the point with the daily updates and possible raising of the lockdown from the UK Government when the Scottish Government is going to ignore the advice from them.

This lockdown seems to have been going on forever, even though it’s been only seven weeks.

There is no way that this lockdown can continue much longer as it’s affecting the nation’s mental health.

Nicola Sturgeon and her government are not being very forthcoming with their proposals regarding Covid-19 and it’s about time that they were.

Caroline McCord


SURELY, if the current restrictions are being eased the wearing of face masks on public transport should be made compulsory.

This is an area of high risk and not everyone has access to private transport.



OUR readers gave their views on when schools should return. Here’s a selection of comments:

AS soon as possible. Plans should be getting drawn up to get them back before the summer holidays.

Face coverings for pupils in class and in playgrounds, adequate PPE and testing regimes for all school staff and review of cleaning protocols.

Susie Rodgers

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WE have prepared for August. I spoke to my eight-year-old and told her she potentially won’t be going back until P4. She is fine with that.

Von McKernan

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NOT until August. As much as I would love my nine-year-old to get back to school I don’t think it is safe enough.

I have a three-week old baby and she won’t be going back this side of summer as it’s too risky her bringing something home.

Julie Young

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WHEN it is safe and everything else has opened back up and proven to be safe.

We should start with older kids as they can follow instructions for social distancing more than younger ones.

Nicki Reid

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ONLY when their safety is the main concern of governments.

Not before summer and only when safe after the summer.

Children were identified as super spreaders before and nothing has changed in terms of getting a vaccination.

Gillian Hodge

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