WHY are Ireland and France allowed to get round the quarantine?

All passengers should go through the quarantine procedure.

Why hasn’t the First Minister increased the fines like England? Please Ms Sturgeon do this. People think nothing of losing £30 for a fine – put it up to £150 a time.

Our lives are worth more than these idiots that don’t want to abide by rules.

Donald Clark

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WITH regards to your Times Past piece on living in tenements – I lived for five years in a single-end in Cowcaddens – which my wee maw kept absolutely spotless.

I got my own wee one-bedroom, main door in Mount Florida, which I had for 29 years. There’s nothing wrong with tenements, it’s the people who live in them that determine if they are slums or not.

Donna Coats

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I REMEMBER my ma’ having to bump the pram up four flights.

Emily Keenan Smith

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I USED to do the stairs for my next door neighbour. She gave me £2 and an extra couple of pound at Christmas. Happy days.

Liz Murphy

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