TENANTS in a South Side flat have been unable to get crucial repairs carried out during the coronavirus crisis after their letting agent put all its staff on the furlough scheme.

Sam Dransfield and Lauren Davis reported leaking windows, a malfunctioning smoke alarm and a broken oven in their Pollokshaws Road flat to Edzell Property Management before lockdown began.

But the pair, who say they're still paying the full rent, are "very disappointed" as none of the issues have been fixed.

Edzell said contractors had been asked to carry out the repairs but the lockdown was announced before they could visit the flat.

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A spokesman said the company's "hands are tied", due to government guidelines, now its workers are on furlough leave.

Scotland's tenants' union Living Rent believes the situation shows the government needs to do more to support renters during the pandemic.

Simon Furse, from the union, said: "This case clearly shows that tenants need more protections during this crisis. We need action from the government to reduce or suspend rents during the pandemic."

Edzell told the tenants to carry out any repairs they can and the cost would be deducted from their rent.

But the union said Sam, who works on a zero-hours contract, has lost most of his income due to the pandemic, leaving the pair struggling to pay their rent.

The tenants said: "We are very disappointed by Edzell's lack of action when it comes to repairs.

"The truth is, if they attended to repairs as they were reported, we wouldn't be in a situation where we need entire appliances replaced during a pandemic.

"But as it is, they expect us to front the money for repairs and replacements while they're furloughed."

They said they had previously requested a rent reduction or suspension during the lockdown, adding: "If we can't pay our full rent, how can we pay for a new oven, plus installation, plus the recycling of the old one?"

Mr Furse added: "The furlough scheme was set up to help businesses who cannot keep trading during the lockdown, but Edzell are still receiving rent and still have legal obligations to carry out urgent repairs."

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The Edzell spokesman said the tenants had raised their concerns on Tuesday, March 17, with the company responding the next day.

"The repair work had been actioned but before contractors could visit the flat the lockdown was announced on Monday, March 23," he added.

"We have great sympathy for our tenants and any others who find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

"In keeping with Government guidelines, all of our staff are on furlough and we cannot instruct contractors to carry out any work.

"Clearly, we would not want to see a property managed by us fall into disrepair, but at the moment our hands are tied.