Older people’s rights and mental health need to be considered in any plans for easing lockdown a Glasogw MSP has urged.

Pauline McNeill, Glasgow Labour MSP, asked First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to consider the impact on older people when plans are being drawn up.

She asked: “Will the First Minister assure me that she will apply the basic human rights of older people in all Covid-19 policies."

In particular she asked about the United Nations guidance which states Older persons should be able to enjoy human rights and fundamental freedoms when residing in any shelter, care or treatment facility.”

Glasgow Times:

She asked if the Scottish Government would listen to doctors who said restrictions shouldn’t be based on an arbitrary age but on individual risk.

Ms NcNeill cautioned: “It could potentially cost more lives as a result of the risk of depression and anxiety from people being so disconnected from society?”

Ms Sturgeon agreed the principles of human rights have “run though every decision we make”.

She said: “Nine out of 10 deaths from the virus—possibly even more than that on the basis of today’s figures—have been in the over-65 age group.

“The virus is particularly deadly for older people who get it, although the majority of people will not suffer serious illness or die from it.”

Glasgow Times:

She added: “If we asked older people whether they wanted us to protect them in a way that would preserve their life for X number of years or whether they wanted us to allow them to see their grandkids, many of them may come to different decisions from those that we would come to on their behalf.

“I do not know what the right and the wrong of that is, but I do know that those are some of the most difficult decisions that we will have to make.”