FOUR emergency workers were attacked every day in Glasgow in the first four weeks of lockdown, figures show.

Verbal and physical assaults on fire crews, paramedics and police have increased in the Covid-19 pandemic, according to police data, prompting calls for tougher penalties for offenders.

A total of 131 attacks were recorded from February 23 to March 22 in Glasgow, up from 117 last year.

Attacks on emergency workers rose more steeply in Lanarkshire, up from 89 in 2019 to 104.

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Scottish Conservative Glasgow MSP Annie Wells said: “Assaulting an emergency worker is an unacceptable and despicable act even at the best of times.

“But for this to be occurring so routinely during a nationwide lockdown is beyond disgraceful.

“These violent individuals should be punished all the more severely as a result.

“Emergency workers put their safety on the line now more than ever as they go about their work.

“They deserve maximum respect and protection for doing so.”

Police Scotland released figures last week saying more than 100 of its officers across the country were targeted with “disgraceful’ attacks in the first month of lockdown.

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The force said frontline policing team and other Police Scotland staff had been threatened with deliberate transmission of Covid-19 – in some instances, police staff have been spat at and coughed on. 

Ayrshire recorded one of the lowest rates in Scotland for attacks on emergency workers with eight taking place in the first four weeks of lockdown.

Police Scotland said there had been a “supportive approach” from Sheriffs across the country in regard to attacks – in some instances leading to offenders being remanded in custody.