FIGHTING coronavirus on the frontlines has been hard enough for the key workers we have profiled but one brave emergency nurse has been working for two.

Emma Sinclair, 37, is an A&E nurse at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and is five months pregnant with her second child.

Euan Clark, who nominated his longtime friend, said: “She was initially reluctant about working in A&E because not only in normal circumstances can you be punched or spat on but now you come into such close contact with Covid, so she was worried.

“Other people she worked with had Covid but given staff availability she thought the right thing to do would be to keep working.

“She’s doing a really good and she’s really brave. Obviously, she’s being as sensible as possible to keep her and the baby safe.”

Emma lived with Euan nearly 20 years ago and he looks back on their friendship fondly.

He described the first time he met Emma, accidentally locking her in his flat while he went to work, oblivious.

Glasgow Times:

He said of his friend of nearly two decades: “She’s always been a great laugh and always has a laugh at herself.

“She’s very much a family and friends person and looks after people. To last as long as she has you definitely have to be the type of person that cares for people.

Meanwhile, a brave nurse picked herself up after the tragic loss of her uncle to Covid-19 and went back to work caring for coronavirus patients at the Royal Infirmary.

Lorna Elder, 51, ordinarily supports deaf children at a school in Bishopbriggs but returned to nursing after the outbreak of the virus.

Sister Veronica Connelly said she had a “wee wobble” after her uncle sadly died from the illness a month ago but resolved to keep helping others suffering from the virus.

Lorna, who grew up in the Red Road flats, never fully left working as a nurse, said Veronica, keeping up work as a bank nurse before the pandemic.

Seeing her sister work long hours, she asked Lorna: “’Do you not think that’s a bit much?’ And she said, no they’re short staffed.

“So I thought I’d nominate her because it’s fine saying thank you but I thought it would be nice to do something a bit more.

She said of her sister, who still lives in Barmulloch: “She’s a cheery, happy-go-lucky type. She’s always been dead glamorous and she;s always had a big heart.

Glasgow Times:

“If you needed anything, she would be there at your side.”

With four children, two of whom have fled the nest and three grandchildren, the pandemic has not been easy on Lorna, whose family are shielding due to some being vulnerable to the virus.

Finally, a bride-to-be home care worker has been praised for her dedication in helping vulnerable residents across the East End.

Elaine Ellis has known her friend Natalie Phillips since their schooldays together and works long shifts caring for the elderly in their homes as a Cordia home carer.

She said: “She’s been juggling her home life with work, doing overtime.

Elaine, from Cranhill is concerned her October wedding wedding might be called off due to social distancing and Natalie is especially worried about the hen-do she’s organised for August.

Natalie said: “Elaine’s got a big chart, she’s dead cheery, dead chatty.”

Glasgow Times:

She recalls the time she gave Elaine money for a taxi to meet her future fiance from a Halloween party where Elaine was dressed as video game hero Mario. Natalie thinks she might have “grassed her in” to Elaine’s mother at some point over the years but laughs about the memory now.