A THIEF who returned to a shop - days after a failed robbery - armed with a knife hid the blade in a sweet stand before police arrived.

Sean Twigg threatened shop worker Aziz Lashgary, 32, and demanded money in Glasgow’s Springburn in April this year.

The 27-year-old was arrested but returned two days later and threatened to stab another worker.

But, before officers could arrive Twigg planked the four-inch kitchen knife in a confectionery stand.

Twigg pleaded guilty on Friday at Glasgow Sheriff Court to an assault with intent to rob and the unlawful possession of a knife in a public place

He also admitted acting in a threatening or abusive manner and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The court heard Twigg had been released from prison nine days before he showed up at the Day-to-Day store.

Twigg demanded £100 from Mr Lashgary claiming he was owed money from the store.

He refused to leave and made threats such as “I will take your shop off ye” and “I’m crazy, you know the way I am.”

Twigg threatened violence towards Mr Lashgary before fleeing the shop when another customer entered.

A 999 call was made and Twigg, who has previous convictions for assaults and dishonesty, was arrested before being released from custody.

Two days later, enraged Twigg turned up again armed with a blade and threatened another shop worker Yasir Mirza, 36.

Mr Mirza was told he was a “grass” and that he would be “stabbed” and revealed a knife hidden in his waistband.

A 999 call was made by Mr Mirza.

Prosecutor Mark Allan said: “When officers arrived, Twigg was searched and he didn’t have the knife on his person.

“He hid it in a confectionery display in the store.”

Twigg was arrested and told officers: “I was a dafty, I’m sorry I was being stupid.”

Defence lawyer, Tracy Mulholland, defending, told the court Twigg is “under no illusions that a custodial sentence is merited here.”

Sentence was deferred until next month for background reports by Sheriff Paul Crozier who remanded Twigg in custody meantime.