HOW can there be graffiti in cells at Glasgow Sheriff Court (Glasgow Times, Thursday).

Prisoners should not have any items in their possession while in their cell.

Is this yet another rule forgotten?



AT this time of substantial danger by cross contamination, should we in Scotland think about banning spitting in public?

No problem if the person is ill but yesterday a guy left Morrison’s in Easterhouse and spat all the way to the main road.

Allan Docherty

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I THINK the age of the cinema is over (Gorbals to get cinema, Thursday).

When people have big-screen 4k or better TVs, why pay all that money and sit in a big auditorium with strangers?

Arthur Thomson

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I’M wondering if people like MA (Letters, Friday) can actually help themselves from their default setting of independence being the go to answer to anything?

I agree the First Minister has come over well in the media, however where are the other ministers? The 5pm briefing in London is regularly chaired by different ministers, why not here?

Why was a potential (later confirmed) case at a Nike conference in Edinburgh not reported by the First Minister?

MA claims that the Prime Minister “lies through his teeth”. The current incumbents in Edinburgh are not too shabby in that department either.

As to how far right wing the Prime Minister may or may not be, he’s a libertarian, the First Minister is more an authoritarian leader. Don’t believe me? How often do you hear dissent or even open debate in the SNP? Me neither.

Graham Keddie

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I THINK John Rankin is not telling the full story with his Tory propaganda letter to the Glasgow Times about the Tory government giving large amounts of money to the Scottish people.

Scotland pays adequate cash to the UK Government, so in reality we are getting just more than half of what we are due.

I don’t think Boris and his cohorts are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.

J Fitzpatrick

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IT would be great to see Clydebank back in the seniors (Plan to get Bankies back in business in SPFL, Thursday).

They are a very well backed club where the great Davie Cooper started his career. From a Bellshill Athletic follower.

Stephen McWilliams

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SHOCKING news – beyond words (Rise in attacks on emergency workers, Friday).

They are doing a marvellous job helping people get to hospitals. What kind of person could do this to the ambulance service?

Esther Cairney

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EMERGENCY staff should be able to wear body cams to keep them safe and so they can see what people are doing to them.

We can then catch these pathetic cretins and prosecute them.

Shelley Dodd Walker

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WHY? These are the people who help you when needed.

I just hope the idiots who are doing this never require emergency treatment.

Liz Dean

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