A YOUNG bride-to-be care worker has been praised for her work in helping not only her elderly and disabled residents but her mother, who is currently battling breast cancer.

Jade Hannah, 20, works 24-hour split shifts caring for an elderly woman in Glasgow and once home, looks after her mother Denise who has been bravely living with breast cancer for nearly two years

Denise said: “Even on her days off she gets the lady her shopping.

“She doesn’t moan, she’s been such a delight.”

Jade has worked as a carer for two years and, inspired by her mother’s journey with cancer, aspires to work at the specialist cancer hospital, the Beatson.

Glasgow Times:

“Jade comes home from work and she keeps me happy and she keeps my spirits up,” said her mother. “I used to take her into the care home I worked in and she loved the home and knew that’s what she wanted to do.

“She’s always got a way of making things sound nice, she’s a delight, I couldn’t be without her.

“Jade always lights up a room - she makes her presence known but it’s always in a good way.”

The Barlanark-resident drops off shopping for her elderly grandmother, who is shielding and is looking forward to her wedding, once the pandemic has past.

Denise said her daughter was proposed to by her boyfriend on Valentines Day and is excited to start planning her fairytale Disney wedding.

“It’ll be a few years yet because it has to be a castle,” said Denise.

Meanwhile, a father has been praised for his commitment in caring for his vulnerable residents at a care home in the East End as well as looking after his young family and expecting partner.

Nathan Wotherspoon, 33, was nominated by his partner Claire Barton for his outstanding commitment to his elderly charges at a care home in Bridgeton.

Claire is shielding with her 2-year-old son and is expecting another child in around seven weeks.

She said: “Nathan’s worried about it but he really loves his job. He could take time off but his residents are so important to him. He loves his job and he’d do anything for those residents.”

The Easterhouse couple have known each other for 13 years since they met when Nathan was at university.

Proud dad Nathan has done up the garden for Claire and their son, so she can put her feet up and get some fresh air.

“He just likes to help everyone, it sounds cliche but if someone needs something he will go and do it,” said Claire.

Glasgow Times:

He looked after his mother before her death six years ago and Claire said she’d always known him as a caring man.

Last but not least, a Broomhill carer has shown bravery caring for elderly and disabled residents, some of whom have been admitted to hospital with Covid-19.

Christine Melville, 54, works at Enable, an assisted living facility in Yorkhill.

Partner Howard Christie said she has found social distancing from her residents at the facility difficult.

“It’s very distressing and confusing for some of the residents,” he said.

Christine looked after her own mother when she was dying from cancer and Howard thinks that is what propelled her into a career in the care sector.

Glasgow Times:

“They don’t do it for the money, carers do really care.”

He fondly recalls their meeting in a pub, 15 or 16 years ago and the first time Christine flew on a plane, when they went to their favourite holiday destination, Malta.

“It was a total riot, she was delighted,” said Howard.