As lockdown restrictions continue to keep Glaswegians at home, a deer has been spotted browsing one of Glasgow's high streets. 

A video of the animal wandering along Buchanan Street on Friday morning has gone viral on Twitter. 

Roe deer are becoming more established in Scottish cities and large towns including Glasgow, Dumfries, Paisley, East Kilbride and Ayr.

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Some have proposed the deer may have wandered to the city centre from the Glasgow Necropolis where a herd of roe deer is known to live. 

While it remains unclear where the deer came from, it offered an outlet for many deer-related jokes. 

One commenter said: "Remember someone posted a photo of Buckfast as a joke about nature returning to Glasgow? Well, here's a fast buck instead!"

Another witty commenter added: "It's the Rolex shop. Loads of things in there are dear!"

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A spokeswoman for the SPCA responded to the tweet: "We would only come out if the deer was injured but this wee one looks bright and lively!

"Any attempt to catch and move it would cause it a lot of stress.

"Not sure we’ve ever had to attend to a wild deer on Buchanan Street before."