READERS had their say on when they think non-essential shops should reopen. Here’s a

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I THINK a slow opening is needed. Not just flinging the whole of Buchanan Street’s shops’ doors wide open.

For instance, at Crow Road, Sainsbury’s, M&S food, Superdrug, Home Bargains and Boots are all open and social distancing is working fine.

Costa and McDonald’s will open soon, so why can’t Argos and Mountain Warehouse open up too?

I doubt the footfall would cause a sudden spike and obviously social distancing would work just the same.

There are many of these malls around. We can start with them and see how that goes.

Jim Stevenson

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I WORK in non-essential retail (jewellery/watches) and we have been told our company is looking towards reopening in the second week of June!

We are based in the Argyll Arcade and each shop is a different size, most are very small and oddly shaped. Socially distancing is going to be extremely difficult!

Karen Jackson

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READERS had their say on what they would like to do once lockdown is over.

I’LL be happy to still stay in the house and not be hit by the second wave of the virus.

I’ll go back to daily life only when it is safe to do so. Quite happy just going to work (as a carer) and back home for now.

Louise Sharp

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TALK to other adults, go to a park and play with the kids all day – let them have fun, play on the swings and build sand castles.

Natalie Hoey

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GO and see my family, grandchildren and my great granddaughter.

Mags Grant

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HUG and kiss my family, then go and see my wee mammy and give her the biggest hug. I miss her so much.

Ellen McGowan

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HAIRDRESSER and then doon the water in the rain!

Liz Murphy

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I CAN’T wait to have the house to myself!

Art Crossan

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HUG and kiss my grandkids once it’s safe to do so.

Jacqueline McInnes

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THE first thing I will do after lockdown is lifted is to stay home.

John Bones

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