I AM not a supporter of the SNP, however I would concur with some of the comments made by MA in a letter on Friday in the Glasgow Times.

MA’s letter was in response to Mr Rankin’s initial letter, addressed out of context to another reader, whose concerns were about a coronavirus issue.

In his letter, which was contrary and irrelevant to the issue, Mr Rankin plucked financial figures out of thin air, about the alleged financial payments made to the Scottish Government by the UK Government.

Mr Rankin takes umbrage to MA’s comment that Boris “is lying through his teeth” and concludes that the comment sounds personal, despite the fact it is the view of thousands of people throughout the country.

Mr Rankin insults our intelligence by stating that never in the history of the UK has there been a right-wing government elected.

I can only assume that Mr Rankin is unaware of the actions of the Tory right-wing government led by the late Margaret Thatcher, who gained notoriety as “Thatcher the milk snatcher” in the late Ted Heath government.

During her reign, democracy was set aside to allow her to destroy the miners’ strike by brutal force and in the process creating deliberate unemployment.

Mr Rankin is obviously in dreamland when he refers to the vast amounts of financial aid given to Scotland by the UK Government. I have never known in my lifetime a benevolent Tory government.

R Downes

Via email

GLASGOW councillors need to support the citizens of Glasgow and start to put pressure on the senior cleansing management team.

They should request recycling centres be opened and bulk uplift service resumed in a co-ordinated approach.

I note in my own backcourt, bulk is accumulating and the food waste bins haven’t been emptied in months.

Cleansing isn’t offering very much in vital services for citizens, other than emptying bins.

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IT was a great attraction (Who remembers the Garden Festival, left, Glasgow Times online).

We lived on Paisley Road West at Cessnock and got issued with resident passes. I never understood why it couldn’t have been left in place as a park. It would have been a great social space for Glasgow as well as a tourist attraction and a better development of the Clydeside than what is there now.

Cities like Newcastle have developed their previously industrial riverside areas into fab social spaces, whereas Glasgow made their’s into a business park. What a wasted opportunity.

Linda Morris

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