Latest figures show 117 people died who had coronavirus in the Greater Glasgow area in the last week.

The National Records of Scotland weekly statistics show that the Glasgow area had more than one in three of all deaths across Scotland.

There have now been a total of 1156 coronavirus deaths in the Greater Glasgow health board area.

Across Scotland there have been 3546 people who have died with coronavirus stated on the death certificate.

The death total has fallen for the third week in a row. In week 16 of 2020 Covid-19 accounted from 36% of all deaths in Scotland, the highest during the pandemic

By week 20, up to May 17 it had fallen to 23%.

The figures also showed that almost as many people have died in care homes as in hospital over the period since the pandemic hit Scotland. Care home deaths accounted for 46% of deaths while hospital deaths were 47%.

In the last week more than half of all coronavirus deaths were in care homes.

The report stated: “The proportion of COVID-19 deaths which took place in care homes has risen over time but has dropped back in recent weeks and now represents 55% of all COVID-19 deaths in week 20. The number of deaths in care homes fell for a third week, by 54 to 184.”

Glasgow Times:

Nicola Sturgeon is due to set out her “route map” out of coronavirus lockdown.

She has said it is dependent on numbers continuing to fall and people continuing to follow the lockdown restrictions and social distancing.