Bowling clubs should be allowed to open when lockdown is eased to help with mental and physical health a Glasgow MSP has said.

Bob Doris, Maryhill and Springburn SNP MSP, asked Nicola Sturgeon at First Minister’s Questions if she would add lawn bowls to any list of sports that could be allowed to restart.

It has been suggested that tennis and golf could be possible with social distancing, when plans are announced later today for changes at the end of this month.

Mr Doris said bowlers had contacted him highlighting the benefits of the sport to club members.

Glasgow Times:

He said: “Football clubs have, understandably, caught the headlines, but local sports clubs right across Scotland, including the lawn bowling clubs in my constituency, are hopeful that they might be supported to reopen safely, with social distancing protocols being put in place and strictly enforced.

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"A member of Hawthorn Bowling Club, in my constituency, has told me of the physical benefits and important camaraderie that the sport offers patrons.”

He asked if Ms Sturgeon agreed and added: “Will the Scottish Government look at the case for adding lawn bowling to the list of permitted sports, with strict social distancing, of course, as we gradually ease lockdown restrictions?”

The First Minister said there is little room for manoeuvre just now.

She said: “We will not be able immediately to give the green light to open to every organisation that wants to do so. We have to do that in a careful and phased way, and with clear priorities.

"As we move through the next weeks, it will be easier to open activities that happen outdoors than to open activities that happen indoors."

However she added: “We need to acknowledge the need for people to have more social interaction as safely as possible, as well as the need to get people back to work. Those are balances that we are trying to strike in the best and safest ways possible.