ATTEMPTED robberies where violence was used have soared during lockdown in the north of Glasgow, figures show.

According to police data there were 19 incidents reported in March and April 2020, compared with six for the same months the previous year – a rise of 68%.

While Police Scotland has said rates of most offences dropped during the first month of lockdown, figures show a number have actually risen. 

The number of people caught carrying an offensive weapon in the north of the city has risen from seven reported incidents over the two months last year to 18 this year, while reports of offensive and threatening behaviour also increased – from 158 reports to 207. 

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Car break-ins also increased in the north of the city during lockdown with 13 reported in March and April this year compared to 8 the previous year.  Actual thefts from cars also rose from 11 reports to 18.

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The number of people caught behind a wheel while disqualified also increased, from one report to six, while reports of driving without a valid licence also rose.

Other offences which increased included those involving bail, with 31 incidents reportedcompared to 14 last year.

Data comparing lockdown crime in the north of Glasgow also show that there were five reports of domestic abuse, compared to two last year.

Police Scotland released national figures earlier this month showing that crime rates have gone down in a number of areas with serious assaults dropping by around 

The force said it would take some time before any concrete crime trends could be identified during the pandemic.