ANOTHER roof section has fallen into residents’ gardens – less than 24 hours after we told how a roof vent narrowly missed a four-year-old girl.

Toryglen residents are now at their wit’s-end with the situation and are terrified someone will be seriously hurt.

It is the latest in a long chain of issues, including five other ­incidents where parts have fallen from roofs.

Just yesterday we told how a roof vent fell from flats on Kerrycroy Avenue into David Crockwell’s garden, narrowly missing his four-year-old granddaughter.

Now another roof vent has fallen off a different block of flats along the street.

David said: “You couldn’t make it up. You just couldn’t make it up. The housing association has been round today delivering food parcels – I hope they are also ­delivering hard hats because you need a safety helmet to be walking around here.

“In all seriousness, this is ­utterly ridiculous now.

“We have been saying for the past 13 months that someone will be hurt and that just seems more and more likely.

“It is only pure luck that

no-one has been killed yet.”

On Tuesday, David’s little granddaughter was out playing in the garden while her gran, David’s wife, watched her.

A roof vent fell from the roof of the flats and missed her by a couple of feet.

Then, yesterday morning around 10am, a second roof vent came off a different block and landed in the garden of an elderly couple on the same street.

Glasgow Times:

Substandard repair work at Thistle Housing Association properties has seen chimney coping stones, vents and tiles falling off into gardens. on six occasions

The housing association is now being taken over by Sanctuary after the Scottish Housing Regulator found a serious of finance and management concerns at the social landlord.

Residents of Thistle Housing Association properties have faced more than four years of hell after a 14-week energy upgrade programme at more than 700 homes is still ongoing.

A Thistle Housing Association spokesman said: “A senior member of our maintenance team met with Mr Crockwell outside his home this morning. We are investigating the incident at this moment to ensure that there is no safety risk to residents.

“Two new plastic vented tiles have been ordered for installation next Tuesday, the earliest date these can be delivered. A drone survey of every roof replaced under the major works contract has also been arranged for next Tuesday.

“If this survey identifies any further loose roof coverings we will arrange for scaffolding to be erected and for emergency ­repairs to be carried out.”