Nicola Sturgeon set out the stages for schools to re-open as Scotland comes out of lockdown.

Schools would return to classes after the summer holidays on August 11 but some nursery provision can be re-opened earlier.

The First Minister again thanks Scotland’s children for their support in obeying the lockdown measures. She said they had been “magnificent”.

She said from next week more people would access childcare and “transition support” provided for those due to start their first year at school or moving to first year in secondary school where possible.

Phase one, from May 28, will see school staff return to schools. And an increased number of children accessing critical childcare provision.

There can be the re-opening of child minding services and fully outdoor nursery provision.

Phase three will see children return to school under a blended model of part-time in-school teaching and part-time in-home learning with public health measures (including physical distancing) in place. The plan states “Subject to the progress of the scientific evidence, schools are expected to open on this basis on 11 August.”

All childcare providers will be able to reopen subject to public health measures, with available capacity prioritised to support key worker childcare, early learning and childcare  (ELC) entitlement and children in need.

Phase three will also see some colleges and universities returning.

It includes a phased return with blended model of remote learning and limited on campus learning where priority. Public health measures (including physical distancing) in place.

By phase four, with no date given it is expected to see college and university campuses open – including key student services with any necessary precautions.