AN MSP has responded to reports of anti-social behaviour from youths in Chryston's beauty spots.

SNP MSP for Chryston and Coatbridge Fulton MacGregor told The Glasgow Times he was "disappointed" to hear of the behaviour of young people in his constituency, and gave advice to parents to hold their children accountable.

His comments come after recurring weeks of youths flouting lockdown rules to party in the wooded area behind Greyston Manor, a beauty spot in Chryston common with dog-walkers and families.

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The Glasgow Times reported youths were playing loud music, spray painting trees, and leaving behind empty and smashed drink bottles and drug paraphernalia.

Mr. MacGregor told The Glasgow Times: "Lockdown is difficult for everyone and we all have our part to play in ensuring our own behaviours do not negatively impact on the day to day lives of others within our communities.

"It is disappointing to hear of these incidences of anti-social behaviours which would now not seen to be a ‘one off’ occurrence.

Glasgow Times:

He said: "I am however satisfied that, when reported, the local police teams take swift and appropriate actions and continue to maintain a visible presence in the community, and would urge residents to continue to report concerns should they continue to arise."

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He continued: "Challenging as it can be for parents to monitor the every move of their children and young people, I would encourage all to remain mindful of social distancing requirements which must still be observed, and to be mindful of any potential engagement with activity which is not in line with the requirements, or which has the potential to stray into disruptive behaviours.

"It is very much a minority of young people who have allowed themselves to become involved in the events as reported and I trust that lessons have now been learned by the small numbers involved".