During the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown, we have all learned many a lesson.

Between how to make a mask out of material or how quickly communities can come together in times of need, it is amazing what we can all learn in order to survive.

But some things are universal and never change - like the love between a mother and her daughter, as demonstrated by this week's three Key Worker Heroes.

Leeanne Sweeney, 36 from Govan, was nominated by her mother, Annie.

Between her work as a student studying Nursing at Glasgow Caledonian University and as a carer at Silverburn Care Home, Leeanne is already keeping herself busy during the coronavirus lockdown.

But at the end of her working day, Leeanne's work as a carer isn't over - she comes home to care for her mother, Annie, who suffers COPD and is shielding.

Annie told The Glasgow Times: "Leeanne is absolutely amazing.

Glasgow Times:

"She is such a hard worker. Between her work studying at university and the hours she puts in at Silverburn, she comes home and is my carer.

"I don't know what I would do without her. She is such a hard worker. She never stops and she should be celebrated."

Leeanne's brother, Colin, added: "Leanne is amazing, and she cares for both our mum and her husband.

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"They just don't make people like her. Her work never stops and neither does she. She never stops caring for people."

Just like Leeanne is Donna, who was nominated by her daughter, Andrea.

Donna, from Dennistoun, did not begin the lockdown pandemic as a key worker but has quickly become essential to those around her for her work as a carer.

Her daughter Andrea said of the 56-year-old, "My mum, Donna,was working in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall before the lockdown began.

"She had worked in care homes before, and returned to working in them when the lockdown began and has been working in the Riverside Care Home in Dalmarnock when the lockdown began.

"She is so amazing because she is such a selfless person.

Glasgow Times:

"Instead of sitting in the house by herself she went out and put herself forward in the front line.

"She is always putting everyone before herself, and other needs before her own.

"I said to her at the start of the lockdown, "you should start looking after yourself", but she just said to me that she had lived her life and wanted to look after other people.

"She lives alone so if she caught the virus, she would have to stay by herself, and doesn't go home to anyone.

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"I think she is so brave and with everything that she does, that's what makes her my hero."

Our final Key Worker Hero this week is Mary McCue, who was nominated by her daughter, Fiona.

Mary, from Easterhouse, works in the Intensive Care Unit in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Glasgow Times:

The 56 year old has worked there for 10 years.

Fiona said: "Since the lockdown started my Mum has gone from working from 7AM until 2PM to working from 7AM until 6PM everyday.

"It's above and beyond what shes supposed to do, and that's while wearing full PPE.

"I have two kids, her two grandkids, and she has gone from seeing them every day to not being able to see them at all through this. Facetime has been all she has had."

Mary is particularly heroic to her grandchildren.

Fiona added: "One of my sons has autism and can't understand why he can't see his granny and give her a cuddle.

"She's been at work every day and I can't tell you the last day she took a day off sick - she's my absolute hero."