THEY should start with cleaning the streets (Team formed to produce blueprints for renewal of Glasgow’s ‘beating heart’, Thursday).

The litter is a total disgrace and has been for a number of years. I dread to think what tourists think of it – a total embarrassment.

John Brown

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I WOULD like to respond to

R Downes (RD) letter on Wednesday, concerning my two previous letters.

My two previous letters were in direct response to MA’s two letters, and dealt with the issues he mentioned. Any facts and figures used by me, are well researched and based on easily obtained information. RD could have checked my information in many ways, but takes the usual lazy way out by simply dismissing them.

Like most on the left, RD is incapable of differentiating between Conservatives and the far right. The BNP and English Defence League are examples of right wing organisations. Not one person representing these bodies has ever been elected in the UK.

My views on what constitutes right wing parties in the UK are shared by most unbiased political commentators, including the most respected Andrew Neil. Thankfully the British electorate has also never elected a far left Labour government, rejecting Corbyn and his cronies twice.

I gave up long ago defending Mrs Thatcher and her record in government against left wing propaganda.

An old teacher once advised me you can never debate with closed minds. However what she shares with Boris is they are both winners, and thus despised by the left. Boris won two London mayor elections in staunchly Labour London, the Conservative nomination as Prime Minister, getting Brexit done against all the odds and finally a great general election victory, with the largest Conservative majority in more than 30 years. Mrs Thatcher won three elections with substantial majorities.

RD also mentions the long strike by the miners in the 80s. The miners were led by far left union leaders, whose sole purpose was to overthrow a democratically elected Conservative government.

It is just as well for thousands of businesses in Scotland, and about a million employees and self employed, that this Conservative government is providing billions of financial support at this difficult time.

John Rankin

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WHEN I suggest an idea to Glasgow City Council, I always get a non-reply.

I don’t know if other citizens or councillors feel the same.

The senior management in the council come up with very good reasons and barriers on how not do things.

I feel this is holding back both the development of the city and making life easier for citizens.

Name and address supplied

PEOPLE are venturing out, and they are by and large keeping their distance in a sensible manner (Sunbathers breaching lockdown rules to sit in park moved on by police, Wednesday).

What we don’t want is police officers reprimanding people for sitting on grass.

Edward Burns

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MY experience of QEUH couldn’t be more different (Covid-19 ‘spread like cruise ship’ after patients were transferred from city’s superhospital, Thursday).

My mum is still there and getting the best care. Even in Langlands at start of April infection control was extremely tight.

Elaine Fee

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OUR Glasgow Times Facebook post showing Prince Charles and Princess Diana at the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988 sparked many comments. Here’s a selection...

I USED to go every day. My husband took part in a waterski display for the opening in one of the docks.

I saw Charles and Diana drive past.

My two young girls enjoyed playing in the big sandpit. It was a magical time.

Rosey Barnet

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WE had a fabulous day with the crowd from Bowfield, organised by Cameron Adams.

A bus to Renfrew and then boat to the festival. Temperature was in the high 70s. A truly magical day!

Marlyn Pollock

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WE couldn’t afford to go, so we had to see it on the telly.

Carol Travers

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I WON a ticket for the opening but was working so gave the ticket away.

Donna Coats

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IT had the best rollercoaster ride I have ever been on.

Faith Waddell

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