A number of pubs in Glasgow will get a rent discount for the next two months as they struggle during lockdown.

Pubs have been shut since March when the government ordered them all to close ans some fear for their future, the longer they go without income.

Many across Glasgow are boarded up for security and it could be months yet before they are allowed to open with indoor eating and drinking not allowed until phase three of the exiting lockdown plan

Greene King, one of the UK’s biggest brewery pub owners, has announced a rent reduction for tied pub landlords to help during lockdown and after when pubs re-open but business might still be affected by limited numbers due to social distancing measures.

The brewery is putting in place a 90% rent reduction from June 11 until they are legally allowed to re-open and then for another four weeks.

The firm said a 50% reduction will then be in place for another four weeks probably until September.

The support plan will follow on from an initial 12-week partner support fund in place since mid-March.

There are around 15 in and around Glasgow including Lock 27, Crow Road, Crow Tavern in Bishopbriggs, Gallus in Dumbarton Road, Times Square in St Enoch Square, Calderwood Inn in East Kilbride and Zinfandel in Nithsdale Road.

The deal will help 100 in Scotland and around 1000 across the UK.

Wayne Shurvinton, managing director of Greene King Pub Partners, said: “From the outset balancing as much support for our tenants as we possibly could alongside ensuring the long-term survival of Greene King has been our priority.

“By deferring rents before pubs were ordered to close we removed any immediate cashflow concerns for our partners and since then have reassured them that we would support them in every way possible when it came to rent and I’m very pleased to announce these latest measures.”

The move was welcomed by drinkers’ organisation Campaign for Real Ale, Camra.

Nik Antona, National Chairman, said: “Over 18,000 Camra members and pub goers emailed Greene King to raise their concerns about the need for their tied tenants to be given help with rents so they could survive the coronavirus restrictions. We are glad that the company have listened to tied tenants and customers and are doing the right thing by offering reduced rents.”

“Rents should reflect the reduced turnover that pubs will have as long as social distancing requirements remain in place.”