A THIEF who broke into a Hard Rock Cafe to steal three display guitars days into lockdown was sentenced to 12 months today.

Graham Lynch snatched the instruments from the chain in Glasgow city on March 26.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard Lynch entered the boarded up restaurant at 3.10am by smashing a door panel at the rear.

The 41 year-old was snared by police as he tried to escape.

Prosecutor Mark Allan said: “He had in his possession three imitation guitars which were display items mounted above the bar.”

Lynch pleaded guilty today to housebreaking.

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He on license at the time having been released from prison nine days before the incident.

Tracy Mulholland, defending, said: “On the face of it, this is a ludicrous matter.

“How was he going to get through the city centre with the guitars from the Hard Rock Cafe?

“This was in no way a sophisticated crime and was connected to his drug use.”

Sheriff Paul Crozier ordered Lynch to complete the remaining 355 days of his license behind bars before starting his 12-month sentence.

He said: “There is no other method of dealing with you other than a custodial sentence.”