THE Scottish Government yesterday set out a route-map showing plans to ease out of the coronavirus lockdown.

The four-phase plan will begin as of next week, with a number of measures being relaxed on May 28.

More outdoor activity including sports; meeting other households and the re-opening of recycling centres are among those being re-introduced at what is being described as 'Phase 1'.

But these are entirely dependent on dramatically reducing coronavirus in the country and successfully implementing a “Test and Protect” strategy.

But what about pubs?

For those of us hankering for a leisurely drink in our local, the subject of returning to Scotland's pubs has been addressed in the route map.

Current lockdown restrictions mean pubs and restaurants have been forced to close.

The measures introduced yesterday also reveal that pubs will be forced to remain closed during 'Phase 1' - meaning they will not be open on May 28.

Glasgow Times:

What about beer gardens?

Much of the new data being discussed by Scottish Government officials is around the potential for greater outdoor activity - which can be seen around plans for easing exercise restrictions.

As such, the re-opening of pubs will begin with beer gardens.

Under the plans, pubs and restaurants with outdoor spaces can reopen in 'Phase 2' - the exact date of which is not yet clear.

This will be done provided social distancing is met and there are increased hygiene measures.

So, when can I get inside a pub?

The route-map suggests that pubs can open their indoor spaces from 'Phase 3' in the four-phased plan.

This will again only be done with physical distancing indoors and increase hygiene routines.

Finally, by 'Phase 4', all pubs will be open as normal - with improved public health advice.

Glasgow Times: