A CONMAN with a Glaswegian accent pretended to be a policeman to demand a fine for a Covid-19 lockdown breach. 

The bogus caller telephoned a home in the Clydebank area with the scam -  but the savvy resident called in the cops. 

Police said he called from a withheld number, pretending to be a police officer and attempted to defraud a member of the public out of a three-figure sum of money.

The man claimed to be dealing with a reported breach of COVID regulations and repeatedly said that payment for a fine was due.

His intended victim was suspicious and ended the call stating they would phone the police.

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A Police Scotland spokesman said “Exploiting the coronavirus public health emergency to try and dupe people into handing over money is despicable. Thankfully on this occasion, the member of the public was suspicious and ended the call.

“We are encouraging everyone to be vigilant to scams and to share our advice with family and friends. Before parting with money or information take a few moments to stop and think - only criminals will try to rush or panic you.”

Police say if you receive a call that you are suspicious of please follow the advice below:

Don’t give out any personal information unless you are the one who made the call and you are certain of the identity of the person you are speaking to.

Don’t give out information which may infer that you live alone, are older or vulnerable.

Don’t give out your credit card, bank card details or PIN number to anyone who calls you unexpectedly and demands payment.

End the call and then, checking for a dialling tone, phone the company back on a number you have researched, be it on a bill or on their website, to check the call original call was legitimate.

Don't be embarrassed to report the matter to police on 101 or your local trading standards. These criminals are very professional at what they do.

Further information can be found on the force's website: www.scotland.police.uk/ke…/personal-safety/shut-out-scammers