FOLLOWING your article on Thursday regarding the city woman’s tears over her holiday refund struggle, I have had the same struggle to get TUI to respond to my e-mails and numerous phone calls.

Four of us were to go on a cruise on March 15 when TUI cancelled the cruise.

We had paid the full money for the cruise, and when we went to the TUI superstore at the Fort, we were told we would be refunded within 10 to 14 days.

Despite many phone calls, all we have received is a recorded statement that ”our phones are exceptionally busy, please try again”.

I was given four different phone numbers to try, and all gave the same recorded message. The TUI superstore is closed at the Fort and we have not had any communication from TUI.

William Key

Via email

I CAN fully sympathise with your reader regarding her holiday booking with TUI.

We are in the exact same position. The balance had to be paid in April. The shops closed and we couldn’t get payment done online either.

After many numerous phone calls, e-mails, Instagram and Facebook messages I am no further forward and do not know what is happening with our holiday.

I would have thought we would have had some kind of contact from TUI to advise us what to do.

Annemarie McGougan

Via email

AS a housing development it looks fine (Views wanted on proposal to build 160 flats near Ibrox Stadium, Thursday).

Handy for bus or subway transport to the city and close to Bellahouston Park for families.

John Connelly

Posted online

PERSONALLY, I’d prefer social housing, but it would still be great to see this brownfield site being put to good use.

Also excellent access to the – already overcrowded – M8 and M77. Get the train station built.

Donnie Pollock

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AREN’T the people who advocate league reconstruction ignoring the elephant in the room, that is the SPFL sells Scottish football to the TV companies on the promise of four Celtic/Rangers games a season (Ex-Rangers star Dean Shiels calls on reconstruction for ‘boring’ SPFL as he reflects on Ibrox dream, Glasgow Times, Friday)?

Unless your league has teams meeting four times a season, how is that going to happen?

I think there should be league reconstruction, and just two divisions, but I don’t see Scottish football going for it.

James Grassom

Posted online

YES Dean, it is boring, very boring in fact.

I don’t think anyone can argue with that (someone will though).

As for quality, we have now reached a point where our two top clubs consider reaching the group stages of European competition as a great success and the rest fall at the first or second hurdle.

Roy Gullane

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I LIKE the suggestion in Friday’s Glasgow Times by the founder of the Crabshakk to take restaurants out on to Argyle Street.

This is an excellent idea considering the current climate and would make great use of outdoor space. Traffic could easily be diverted on to Sauchiehall Street with little impact on motorists. I hope this idea can be seriously considered.