Every Mother is proud of their children as they grow up, but for one Glasgow mother, it goes without saying.

Helen Colquhoun, from Milton, couldn't be prouder of her three girls - daughters Pamela Colquhoun and Evonne MacLeod, and her granddaughter, Shannon Traynor, who all stay in Milton too.

And she has every right to be, because the work they have devoted their lives to is incredible.

Pamela, 42, is a staff nurse in the Covid-19 ward in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Glasgow Times:

Evonne, 39, works as a Health Care Support Worker in the Beatson and her granddaughter Shannon, 24, works as a Senior Support Worker in Belses Gardens Care Home, Blackwood.

Although all women are working in the care sector, each job is different and comes with its own set of problems to encounter.

Between cancelled treatments, dealing with grief and the simple tasks of making sure patients are getting their medicine on time, Pamela, Evonne and Shannon are there to make sure that each patient is cared for properly.

Helen told The Glasgow Times: "I couldn't be prouder of my three girls.

Glasgow Times:

"Pamela is a staff nurse in Covid-19 ward 47 and is working as much as she is possibly allowed.

"She is finding it extremely hard due to the amount of patients young and old, passing away with no family members allowed to be there.

"Evonne is working in the Beatson and has to endure the fact that people have been unable to get life saving treatment during this time, because they have had to be cancelled since the pandemic started.

"My granddaughter Shannon is a senior carer for physically and mentally disabled people who are not allowed to see any family, which is hard for them to understand why.

"My three girls are angels, putting other people's lives before their own to keep us all safe.

"The three of them do a good job and have worked as much as possible."

It would seem that for Helen's girls, caring runs in the family.

They all worked hard to get to where they are now.

Glasgow Times:

She said: "Pamela had her family early and when they started getting older she went back to University to train as a nurse, which is the same as Evonne. "They both went to Unversity at the same time, later in life.

"Shannon has been doing her job since she left school and she loves it.

"She actually left to start another as an Auxilliary Nurse but missed her old job too much and went back."

For Helen, who has been shielding and is unable to see her family, being able to celebrate the work they do makes her feel that one bit closer to her family.

Helen said: "It's so sad how much the care homes have been affected with the Covid, and how things have changed in the hospitals too.

"They are just fantastic.

"Absolutely fantastic. I'm so proud of them.

"I'm not allowed to see any of them at the moment because I'm shielding.

"It's hard for all of us, but it's good that we're getting Facetime and video calls and things.

"If it was years before it would have been so much harder.

"We are so lucky with technology and things that makes it that bit easier that we can't see each other for now."

Luckily Helen can get an extra dose of the girls, being celebrated as this week's Key Worker Heroes.

A big thank you to Pamela, Evonne and Shannon.