GLASGOW Taxis Ltd have today launched a campaign to provide the “safest public transport experience in Scotland” amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“Separated, Sanitised, Safe” is aiming to provide a safe, clean and fragrant environment for taxi customers.

The exclusive partnership with Supagard is giving drivers free access to a Supagard “ozone generator” vehicle cleaning unit, which completely sanitises the interior of a vehicle in just 15 minutes.

Glasgow Times:

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Additionally, drivers will be able to access a new Supagard “protection pack”, which is a range of taxi-specific cleaning products with increased strength.

Glasgow Taxis chairman Dougie McPherson said: “Our new safe taxi campaign and partnership with Supagard will support our drivers and send a clear message to customers – we are your safest and cleanest taxi transport option.

“Add to this the fact that all our vehicles are fully partitioned and we believe we can now offer the safest public transport experience in Scotland.

“Glasgow Taxis is proud to partner with Supagard, a local firm with an outstanding track record.

Glasgow Times:

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“We know people and businesses will be looking for reassurance and a new level of service in the months ahead and believe this partnership will enable Glasgow Taxis to deliver on that expectation.”

The new Glasgow Taxis vehicle sanitisation unit started cleaning taxis this week, while all taxis are being provided with signage to promote the campaign and “Separated, Sanitised, Safe” messaging.

The 15-minute process sees the device placed in the rear of the cab and begin its cycle of converting oxygen into ozone and back to oxygen. The result is a germ-free environment.