Lorraine Kelly slammed Dominic Cummings on this morning's Good Morning Britain following his recent trip to Durham. 

The 60-year-old presenter, from Glasgow, dubbed him as "arrogant" adding: "can the 14,000 Brits fined for breaking lockdown appeal?"

Asked wether she was shoked by Boris' decision not to sack him, she said: ""Not at all.

"Do they not think that when the spin doctor becomes the story that it's time to go?

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"That's always been the case in the past but clearly not now. And I can clearly understand why people are so angry."

The senior Tory advisor had faced a public backlash calling on him to resign after he was found taking a 260-mile trip to Durham.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson claimed his actions fell "in line with guidelines" and that "he followed the instincts of every father". 

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Lorraine Kelly compared Mr Cummings' lack of apology over the trip to Durham to The Game of Thrones.

She said: "The astonishing thing is there has been no apology, no humility, just arrogance.

"I wonder if those 14,000 Brits who got fined for breaking lockdown, I wonder if they can now appeal?"