GLASWEGIANS have had their say on allegations that Dominic Cummings broke lockdown rules - and many believe that he is simply a ‘bawbag’.

The negative Glaswegian term has been applied by several readers to the Prime Minister’s aide who travelled 260 miles to County Durham in March to self-isolate with his family – apparently because he feared that he and his wife would be left unable to care for their son if he became incapacitated with Covid-19.

He travelled despite official guidelines warning against long-distance journeys.

We asked our readers on Facebook what they thought of his behaviour and they gave us typical Glaswegian responses in their droves.

Peter Baldwin said: “He’s a bawbag,” while Pauline Stewart, Lynne Weir and Suzy Cullen shared the sentiments.

‘Fanny’ and right ‘fanny’ were some of the other terms applied to the situation which has angered the nation.

Cameron Erroch also accused him of ‘not giving a f**k’.

While Maureeen McDade did not mince her words with, ‘an utterly sleekit cretin’.

Here is what else our readers had to say.

Maureen Smith said: “The man was under tremendous pressure. He was helping lead the Covid response. He had thousands of peoples’ lives in his hand. He was also dealing with a sick wife and a child. He had to be available. He took them to be cared for then he got ill.

“Surely we are big enough to realise that exceptions need to be made for the man who had the b***s to shoulder the responsibility which millions would run from.

“Give the guy a break and don’t harasses him when he has his wee boy there!”

Liz Cassidy said: “He should have stayed home with his wife and child. Like the rest of us. Surely he has a computer and knows how to use it.”

Linda Owen said: “It has been said that him and his wife were showing symptoms and that’s why he was taking the kid, all the more reason to make other arrangement for the kid to be picked up.

“But as I said should not have happened. They all should have been in self isolation, the whole family.

“So don’t know how Boris can’t see that. If he’s not getting sacked for breaking the rules at least give him a penalty fine as the polce have gave a few out to people for less.”

Marie Fraser said: “The man is unfit for the job as he can’t follow this own rules.

“As for Boris lol the man is a clown that everyone is laughing at now.

“And opening the schools in England is just a way to try and distract parents so they panic over schools opening and hopefully stop complaining about Cummings, lol that hasn’t worked.”

Audrey Colraine said: “Do as I say and not as I do. Should be sacked without question.”

Douglas McVey said: “He was wrong, that’s the bottom line, no use trying to defend the man with all the father’s instinct nonsense. He made the mistake and was caught out while us mere mrtals are all doing the right thing.”

Susan Neil said: “ We lost our dad in March and told we can’t be with my mum to comfort her yet this p***k travels 200 plus miles for a babysitter.”

Stephen Miller said: “He probably has the cheek to clap every Thursday for key workers.”

Gordon Birnie said: “Dominic Cummings is giving Hans Christian Andersen a run for his money.

“Forget about the 260 miles he drove to Durham from London, it’s the reason he gave for 50 mile trip to Castle Barnard he took.

“He says it was ‘to test his eyesight to see if it was good enough to drive’ so he drove 50 miles, decided his eyesight wasn’t good enough to drive the 260 miles back to London so he drove 50 back to Durham.”