A NEW city cycle lane was introduced almost two weeks ago, from Saltmarket, along Clyde Street to the Glasgow Arc.

But most cyclists don’t appear to know it’s there, or simply ignore it.

They continue to hurtle past pedestrians on the Clyde walkway, with little regard for others.​

A wee boy, who’d only just learnt to walk, and was eager to show his mum and dad how quickly he could run away from them, almost got mowed down by a cyclist the other day.

But what we have now on this 1.5-kilometre stretch by the side of the Clyde is a walkway (yes, originally shared by pedestrians and cyclists), a pavement (also used by cyclists) and now a lane on the road made exclusively for cyclists, but not used by them

(I would estimate less than one in 50).​ What don’t, can’t, or won’t cyclists understand?​

​Andy Stenton​


OUR children must not be put at a disadvantage because of this (National 5 and Higher exams should be scrapped next year, claims Scotland’s largest teaching union, Glasgow Times online).

So many lost hours since March for those sitting National 5.

They deserve a fair and just opportunity – so many young people’s futures at stake. There is no margin for error here.

There are a lot of very worried children and parents right now.

Janine McInulty​

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MY dad worked for Harland and Wolff in the late 50s as an apprentice plumber (Did anyone you know work for John Brown’s shipyard?, Glasgow Times Facebook page).

He worked with asbestos which lay dormant in my dad’s lungs until 1980. Over the next eight years he went downhill and sadly passed away in 1988, aged 51.

Lorraine Mullen​

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I’M an experienced hillwalker and since lockdown have not been out in the mountains despite being desperate to get back (Mountain rescue team drafted in to locate lost hillwalkers – despite lockdown rules, Glasgow Times online).

Everyone I know in my community has resisted until mountain rescue tell us it is safe to go back out.

In my opinion hilllwalkers should have some kind of insurance policy, which I would gladly pay for.

MRT is charity-funded, these guys have families and jobs and they’re putting their lives at risk every time they get called out.

Alistair Gillies​

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