LORRAINE Kelly says Dominic Cummings' breach of lockdown rules has "eroded trust in the Government". 

The Scots TV host hit out at Boris Johnson's senior aide for the second time in as many days after earlier accusing him of "breathtaking arrogance". 

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today, Lorraine gave her opinion on Cummings' press conference yesterday in which he explained his reasons for driving from London to Durham despite lockdown.

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Mr Cummings said he did not regret his actions and insisted he had acted in the best interests of his wife and four-year-old son.

But many questions remained unanswered, including over his subsequent drive to Barnard Castle which he said was to test his eyesight after it was affected by Covid-19.

There have been calls from across the political spectrum for Mr Cummings to resign, including from several high-ranking Scottish Conservatives. 

Speaking this morning, Lorraine said: "It erodes trust, doesn't it? It's one of those things you can't quite define and it erodes trust in the government."

The TV host also suggested she had seen more people "out and about" in recent days. 

She added: "It's kind of like they rely on us getting bored. Because that's what happens, isn't it? It's just that the story moves on and they're desperately trying to move the story on to Britain being open for businesses."

Glasgow Times: Dominic Cummings took the unprecedented step of defending his actions during a press conference yesterday Dominic Cummings took the unprecedented step of defending his actions during a press conference yesterday

She added: "There is that thing of 'Sit tight and it'll all go away and it'll be fine and people will forget'."

Her comments come a day after she accused Mr Cummings of arrogance. 

She said then: "The astonishing thing is there has been no apology, no humility, just arrogance.

"I wonder if those 14,000 Brits who got fined for breaking lockdown, I wonder if they can now appeal?"

Mr Johnson defended Mr Cummings last night during his daily Covid-19 briefing and a number of senior Cabinet Ministers have also given him their backing, including Health Secretary Matt Hancock.