A MOUNTAIN bike enthusiast based in the West End has created a bicycle pump track in his back garden to raise funds for local organisations.

Ramsay MacFarlane, who lives in Kelvindale and works at Trail Coach, has created the circuit of rollers and banked turns where riders have to navigate the track using body movements instead of pedalling.

The aim, provided it is safe to do so, is to encourage one household at a time to take part in “proper exercise” for free with the option of leaving a donation. All money raised will go towards Glasgow’s Common Weal.

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Mr MacFarlane said: “Before lockdown we had a regular kids club and are still planning to launch an adults club after the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our children’s club has been massively successful over the past two years, but we have obviously had to stop for the time being.

“They missed their lessons so to start with we were doing video calls so the youngsters could still practice. But I didn’t think it this would work properly long term as there is not the same physical reaction.”

Mr MacFarlane went on to explain the inspiration behind his idea five weeks ago.

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He added: “I couldn’t even ride my bike along the canal because everyone seemed to be outside and it was hard to social distance and avoid people. I decided to stay at home and use the space in my back garden to build a pump track.

“It is different to a BMX track because you don’t pedal but instead use the bumps and rollers to make your way along it.

“I am hoping to launch at the end of the week and I’m planning a little event where I will invite families to come and play on the track.

“In order to obey social distancing rules, it will be open to one household at a time, who will be given a 15-minute slot to bike, and I will oversee it by staying at least two metres away.”

Any money railed will be donated to the Common Weal who describe themselves as a people-powered think and do tank in Scotland.

They develop policy on and campaign for social and economic equality, for wellbeing and the environment, for quality of life, for peace and justice.

Mr MacFarlane went on: “The track will be free to use but donations are welcome. The money raised will go towards the Common Weal, a non-political group who are dedicated to finding a better way of living for us all.

“Our mottos will be #pumpforpractice #pumpforprotection and #pumpforprogress.”

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