I REFER to Kim Long’s article regarding New Cycle Lanes for Glasgow.

I for one can assure you that they are not required in the Knightswood area of the city because our cyclists have taken over the pavements.

Since lockdown during my daily exercise walk along Great Western Road, Anniesland Road, Knightswood Road etc, I’m expected to give way to the cyclists. 

They have no respect for the pedestrian and always use the middle of the pavement with no regard to social distancing. 

Some sweep past you from behind with no warning, therefore I’m on the lookout for wing mirrors that I can wear to enable me to see them approaching and step off the pavement onto the road to avoid them.

They are not just amateur or occasional cyclists, as one guy was on what looked like a very expensive bike adorned with all the Lycra, top of the range shoes, gloves, goggles and helmet. 

All that was missing was the Yellow Jersey and he wouldn’t have looked out of place on the Champs-Elysees!

Come on cyclists, get back on the road. Please?

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LOOKING at the packed beaches over the holiday weekend it’s clear that the lockdown is over in all but name. 

Some resorts resembled football type crowds, swilling drink and partying. 

The self indulgence of some folk is horrifying in the midst of a pandemic. 

The UK Government has lost all control and we will see a spike in the infection rates in the coming weeks. Those only interested in the economy regardless of risk will no doubt be delighted.


I THINK Scotland has dealt with the virus far better than the UK Government but you don’t compare yourself with the worst, you compare yourself against the best (Scots have backed Sturgeon’s handling of the pandemic while the majority believe Johnson faired “badly”, according to a new poll, Glasgow Times online).

Compared to Germany, South Korea, the Scandinavian nations and New Zealand, we have failed miserably.

John J McCrory
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THEY have both handled it the same, they are both taking medical and a scientific advice and that’s what they are going of. 

Scotland is two weeks behind England in the pandemic, hence why Scotland has lifted restrictions later. 

It’s not rocket science. Both are doing the best they can to get us through this pandemic.

Natalie Reid
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