A MAN armed with a knife who slashed a van’s tyres while undertaking unpaid work was jailed yesterday for 24 months.

Dillan Reilly, 23, was enraged after being asked to put on a hi-vis vest in Glasgow’s Kings Park area in February this year.

Reilly was abusive towards Community Payback Officers telling one of them to “F*** off".

He pled guilty yesterday at Glasgow Sheriff Court to destroying property and the unlawful possession of a knife in a public place.

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The court heard Reilly was on a community payback order following a 2018 drugs conviction.

The officers were carrying out a risk assessment and told Reilly to put on the jacket but he refused.

He said: “I’m not wearing that, f***you I’m not taking your s***.”

A three-and-a-half-inch locking blade was revealed by Reilly who fled the scene before slashing the tyres of the van he arrived in.

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The police caught up with Reilly close to his house and he was arrested.

Lawyer Patricia Bailey, defending, told the court that it was an “unacceptable, disproportionate reaction” from Reilly.

She added: “He had abided by the safety conditions on every other occasion.

“He felt the officer from the community payback was being rude and aggressive towards him and he reacted towards him in a disproportionate manner."

Sheriff Ian Fleming told Reilly that the officers have a difficult job and he "shouldn't have behaved like that".