A ‘PROTEST’ cycle lane created by activists to highlight an apparent lack of provision in Glasgow’s most deprived areas has now been made a permanent fixture by the council.

Ben Raw, of OnBikes and a team of volunteers believe cycle provision and a raft of new projects has been focused on more affluent areas of the city.

They created a pop-up lane using flower planters in Langdale Street in Blackhill, which connects the local housing estate with St Philomena’s Primary School.

The area is said to have the lowest car ownership in Glasgow and according to the group, limited transport links.

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They say the pandemic has reinforced this ‘inequality’ because workers are more likely to have jobs that can’t be done from home and have to rely on public transport when they could cycle if it was safer to do so.

Ben said: “This is a social justice issue, with those that need transport solutions being the last to get them. 

"Next bike stations are also non existent in communities that need them most.

"Well done to the council for doing this and supporting people within communities who do not have access to cars and cannot work from home. They are keeping our country going and we need to keep them safe.

“The council said our lane was unsafe. What is unsafe though is the life expectancy for people in the North East.”

Ben said he hopes that £3.5million given to the council by Sustrans to develop active transport would be “evenly distributed”. 

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A council spokeswoman said: "“Blackhill had been provisionally identified as a neighbourhood where space for distancing measures could be implemented.

“We are in the midst of a public health emergency and we are using emergency powers to move quickly to allow physical distancing as a way to stem the spread of covid-19.

“There is a clearly an appetite for space for distancing measures to be introduced in Blackhill and there has been strong cross-party support for this initiative from elected members.

“We are working with the community to make sure the temporary measures in Blackhill are safe and appropriate.”