FISH and chips, if we are to believe a recent study, has been most requested take-away across the UK during the pandemic lock-down.

I’d have to agree. I’d take a good haddock supper over a very popular Glasgow pizza firm any day of the week.

But finding a decent fish supper away from the coastal towns is not that easy unless you are sitting in a restaurant and what are the chances of it tasting good by the time it arrives at your door?

I’m pretty lucky to live with a really good one just round the corner on Maryhill Road that beats rivals in the heart of the West End in my opinion and it just happens to have the best name too.

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I’ve had quite a few fish suppers from the Codfather and none have disappointed but with the current lockdown still in place, I thought I’d try their delivery service.

The chippy is on Just Eat and has been rated four out of five from more than 1000 reviews. 

I go for the battered haddock supper, with a portion of mushy peas and bottle of Irn-Bru, which I only ever drink with fish and chips.  

It takes me right back to a childhood memory of staying in a Blackpool B&B and drinking it straight from glass bottle with a fish tea – it never tastes as good in plastic or a tin can.

All the fish at the Codfather is cooked fresh, you won’t find any scaly creatures lying in the glass counter and it arrives in less than 30 minutes (Okay, my flat is barely five minutes away but still...) and is perfectly hot.

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There is the option to get a special fish, which is breaded instead of battered. I prefer the more traditional version and it really is melt in the mouth fresh. For those with more modest appetites (and it's still a good sized portion) there is a small fish supper option for £4.90 which is extremely good value for money.

The chips are just as they should be, thick, very potato-ey, not too done and plentiful (there were far more than in the picture) and there is a very generous portion of mushy peas. It comes £12.40, including delivery - well worth the money for an occasional treat.

For those with children, my 11-year-old niece is also a huge fan. She says: “The man’s smiley and you get loads for your money.”

The Codfather, 566 Maryhill Road 0141 946 6035