WITH the growth in weeds in parts of Glasgow, on pavements, street gullies and out of buildings, I’d plea with plot holders and gardeners alike to adopt their local street as an extension of their gardens. 

The issue of social responsibility and civic pride must also be added to curriculums if we’re to encourage our children to be good citizens. 

Let’s see Glasgow flourish once more, and show how much we care for our neighbourhoods.

Jill Ferguson
Via email

I NOTE the First Minister is giving a detailed plan to lift the lockdown on Thursday. 
Does the council have a detailed plan of cleaning and sanitising both the streets and the new on-street bins in Glasgow? 

I am already seeing bulk items left beside them and these bins overflowing.  

I note in Asia and the Middle East they have a cleaning regime. I wonder if this will be factored into the First Minister’s road map.

Name and address supplied

DOMINIC Cummings should be charged with having committed a road traffic offence.

You don’t get behind the steering wheel of a motor car to test your eyesight!

During the time he went on his seven miles eyesight test, police were stopping many motorists to ask them the purpose of their journey. If he had been stopped by the police, would he have told them he was conducting an eyesight test?

If he had told them, would the police have allowed him to continue his journey?

Does his car insurance policy cover him for damages to third parties, while he was performing this eyesight test?

Daniel Harris
Via email

WHY do cars park on the pavement (Letters: Why can’t cyclists use new city centre lanes, Tuesday)?

Go to any residential area and you will see endless rows of cars parked on pavements forcing people to walk on the road to get round them. Think how dangerous that is for elderly, kids, parents pushing prams, people with disabilities and pets.

Do car owners care? Do they heck. Not content with forcing us all to breathe in the noxious fumes their metal death machines produce, they think the pavement as well as the road belongs to them.

The more initiatives that force people to 
use public transport and bikes or to get up off their lazy backsides and walk, the better.

Bert Travers
Via email