MY SCHOOL : I’m from Cathcart but I have been living near Toronto for the last 41 years. Recently, with so much spare time due to the lockdown, I organised all my old photos which included the one of my school, Holmlea Primary, from 1963. I was absolutely amazed when I came across the same photo while reading the Glasgow Times the other day. Andy (Leggate) and Margaret (Nicol) - you both look great.

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I lived across the road from Holmlea Primary school and I remember the lollipop man ushering my brother Stewart and me, to school at 8.45 every morning. We would spend some time with our pals before Mr MacFarlane rang the bell for assembly at nine AM sharp. We would then march into our classroom to the piano tunes from Eric Gordon.

Glasgow Times:

FAVOURITE TEACHER. Miss McQueen. Although she was strict, she made me pay more attention in class and I learned a lot more, which I needed, as I was not the best of scholars.

My first teacher, Mrs Thomson, was really nice, and when it was someone’s birthday the class would sing to them. Then she would give you a thrupenny bit...

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BEST FRIEND: Terry Cooper, until we moved to Waterfoot and attended Jackton Primary for two years. We returned to attend Miss Boyd’s class, which was okay. So, I missed out on Mr Bain’s class, and, Terry had moved away by then. I got on well with Allan “Mundy”Mundell, Allan “Carsy“Carswell, and Graham Robertson. We used to go to Calder Street Baths, and the Minors sometimes.

SCHOOL DINNERS, PACKED LUNCH OR HOME? School dinners. The only time I enjoyed them was when I sat next to John Nicol, who would sometimes share his tomato sauce.

FAVOURITE SUBJECT. Probably spelling, which I was okay at, and, history. We all enjoyed painting Norwegian flags which we waved at the procession of King Olaf and his entourage going down Holmlea Road. We also got to build model aeroplanes from balsa wood, before their “test flights” in the gym, which was brilliant!

Glasgow Times:

LEAST FAVOURITE SUBJECT. Homework.Arithmetic and maths were a struggle for me. Luckily I improved as time went on.I disliked poetry, especially Burns, as, it was like a different language. Fortunately,my appreciation grew as I matured.

IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT MY SCHOOLDAYS...I would extend playtimes. I loved playing dodgy, British bulldogs, chessies, marbles and swapping our DC comics. Seriously, I think I would show more appreciation and learn as much as possible when being given such a great opportunity. Many thanks to all my teachers.