A MYSTERY ARTIST has brightened up a South Side street.

Kathryn Donaldson, 29, found a new mural had popped up on clapboard on Dundrennan Road on her daily walk.

She posted pictures on social media in an attempt to track down the artist behind the stunning mural.

Glasgow Times:

Kathryn, from Cathcart, told The Glasgow Times:"I've been walking down Sinclair Drive toward Queens Park every day for my daily exercise and on Monday I saw the artist working on it.

Glasgow Times:

"I didn't get a closer look at it until Tuesday and that's when I took the photos.

"It definitely brightens up the street a little and it lifted my mood seeing something so colourful and creative on that route for a change".

Glasgow Times:

Kathryn is still searching for the artist behind the piece and took to social media to track them down.

Glasgow Times:

"Unfortunately I don't know who the street artist is which is why I posted it on the community page.

"I was hoping to find them so I could credit them."

This new piece has emerged alongside many others in the city, brightening up our streets and offering comfort and support to passers by.

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