VOLUNTEER Ainsley Gallagher has been described as an ‘absolute angel’ by the people in her community of Penilee.

The 27-year-old was working for Arnold Clark before the coronavirus pandemic forced the country into lockdown.

Fearless Ainsley, however, used this opportunity to volunteer at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital - and aside from her important role at the medical facility, she is also keeping the spirits up of those closest to her.

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Glasgow Times:

The Glasgow Times received many nominations for Ainsley and each of the people behind them reveals why she deserves to be called a hero.

Proud sister Amanda O’Brien, who nominated her with step-son James, said: “I really don’t know where we would be without this lassie. She is an absolute Godsend and anyone you speak to will tell you the exact same thing.

“She is an absolute angel, she has kept everyone going and I can’t put into words how much this lassie means to people.”

Ainsley’s caring spirit has continued to shine throughout a difficult time for her entire family.

Amanda’s son Brad tragically died at just 15 in January because of his epilepsy.

Amanda, who is also mum to Stephen, 22 and Ryan, 18, said: “Ainsley was the first person over here when he died. She was really close to him as obviously she was his auntie but she was also his best friend.

“Ainsley attended every hospital appointment with me and was at every operation that he went through.

“She was always by Brad’s side, she never left it.

“She had a special bond with him, and when we lost him, myself and my husband James were not in a good frame of mind, we didn’t know what to do but Ainsley took over the running of the house, looked after the bills and helped plan the funeral.”

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Glasgow Times:

She added: “Ainsley goes above and beyond all the time, it is not just because there is a coronavirus pandemic.”

Leeann Duff also put forward a nomination for Ainsley to say thank you to her for caring for her mum Ruth who suffers from COPD.

She said: “She has helped my entire family, she is absolutely amazing.

“We have known her since she was five-year-old. She picks up my mum’s medication and makes sure she has her shopping. She has literally gone above and beyond for my mum.

“We would be lost without her. She has a wee heart of gold.”

Ainsley is also a full-time carer for her own mum Rose who said: “I can’t describe how proud I am of her. She is such a good girl.

“She does a lot for so many people and I take my hat off to her.

“The work she does for me alone is amazing and I would be lost without her.”

She added: “She is so kind-hearted. She thinks of everyone before herself. I think what these two girls have done - Amanda and Leeann - nominating her - you couldn’t ask for anything better.”

When she has free time on her hands, she supports some of the most vulnerable in her community.

Ainsley regularly drops shopping off at sister Amanda who is shielding.

She has also been helping some of the area’s elderly with their gas and electricity payments.

Her selfless attitude and caring demeanour  earned Ainsley several nominations from others in Penilee including Maxine Macintyre who said: “She is an amazing keyworker.”

Paul Colgan said: “She’s an amazing lassie.

“She has the most well-placed energy I’ve ever seen in one person.”

Julieann Dryden added in her nomination: “This lady is out volunteering at the hospital. She is doing an amazing job risking her life to help others.”

Michelle Cowie said in her nomination: “She is a rock to everyone around her.”

Natalie Bonner, volunteer manager at the hospital, said: “Ainsley has gone above and beyond, supporting us during COVID-19.

"She’s been helping with hand hygiene stations and our Give and Go service and has been mentoring the new volunteers.

"Nothing is ever a bother for Ainsley – she comes in three to five days per week and always happy to help with a smile on her face.”