Recycling centres in Glasgow are opening from Monday but there are are still many restrictions.

Many residents have been awaiting the re-opening as waste is piling up and many have used lockdown to do clear outs at home.

The Glasgow sites re-open on Monday but bulky items are not permitted like furniture, electrical goods or garden rubbish.

And police are expected to be on site for the first few days as it is anticipated demand will be high and queues are likely.

The council tips at Dawsholm, Shieldhall, Polmadie and Easter Queenslie will open from June 1 after Nicola Sturgeon's announcement.

However, there will be reduced opening hours and only rubbish that would go in your household general waste bin will be accepted.

Glasgow City Council has said only black bin bags will be accepted.

Opening times will be Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4pm each day with the last entry 3.45pm.

You will have to provide proof you are a Glasgow resident to gain access, showing either a drivers’ licence, council tax bill or utility bill and police are expected to be on site for the first days.

The council says “Please do not bring any other material to the sites e.g. electrical items, garden waste, as bays for other waste streams will not be available and they will not be recycled.”

When it is considered safe to do so, additional skips and bays will be re-opened to accept and recycle a wider stream of materials.

Also, staff will not be able to help unload any bags due to social distancing rules and only one person will be allowed out of the car to unload.

Vehicle restrictions are in place - no vans, trailers, traders or cars over 1.8 metres will be accepted and no waste will be accepted from pedestrians.
The council expects the sites to be busy and asks people only to come if it is necessary.

Only one vehicle at a time will be allowed in a one out-one in policy.